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#Honeyfarm finance Metasaurs by Dr.DMT

🎨 NFT Jelly Round 5 - Metasaurs by Dr.DMT

Stake $BEE to Win Metasaurs #3695 (es. $1,500)

👨🏾‍💻Stake longer and increase your chances of winning fancy NFTs! ⛄🎉🦖

Just one click away, to enter NFT pool👇

#Honeyfarm finance Avalanche Reduction Fee.

#Honey $Bee Deposit Fee Reduction

3% ➡️ 1% 🎉
⏰ Active from Nov 20th 13:00 UTC

#Honeyfarm finance Welcomes prospective HoneyBeez to Avalanche!

If you are still not familiar with Avalanche, please check on our guides lines to enjoy huge opportunity right in front…


#Honeyfarm finance present.
🎇 $BEE Multiplier Super Boost!

🎇 $BEE Multiplier Super Boost!

To celebrate $BEE listing on BITCLOVER , we are boosting $BEE single pool

BEE single pool x12 ➡️ x18 🔥
⏰ Active on Nov 19th 13:00 UTC

Let $BEE fly for its sweet honey! 🍯

@HoneyFarmFi: 🔅BSC🔅🎨NFT Jelly Round 5 - @metasaurs Another Metasaurs as a prize for NFT Jelly!Stake $BEE to be the lucky winner of this fancy NFT📈NFT Floor Price: $1500⏳Duration: 5days⏰Active on Nov 18th 13:00 UTC#DeFi #NFTGiveaway #NFT #BSC

🎨NFT Jelly Round 5 - @metasaurs (

Another Metasaurs as a…